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Establish a Fund

Establishing your own fund is fairly easy.  There is no fee to open a fund and we will handle all the administrative details.  You can concentrate all your attention on how you would like to use your fund to make a difference in our community.  

Designated Fund.png

Designated Fund

If you want to create a legacy of support for an organization or program you are passionate about, then a Designated Fund may be the best solution for you. 

A Designated Fund provides long-term support to a charity that you name and that organization receives a gift in your name forever. The Community Foundation invests designated funds and takes care of regularly distributing a portion of the fund's balance to your designated charities. 

Designated Funds can be endowed funds (minimum of $15,000) or short-term, project-based funds (minimum of $1,000). 

Donor Advised Fund.png

Donor Advised Fund

Opening a Donor-Advised Fund allows you to make tax-deductible gifts when the time is best for you and then recommend grants to local nonprofit organizations over time to make the charitable impact you desire. This type of fund is an easy and flexible alternative to a private or family foundation. The minimum to establish a Donor Advised Fund is $15,000.

Field of Interest.png

Field of Interest Fund

Do you have a few specific areas of interest you would like to support for our community? Then consider the ease and flexibility afforded by our Field of Interest Funds. 

With a Field of Interest Fund, you identify areas of interest that are meaningful to you and then rely on the Foundations volunteer Board to award grants in support of your interests. 

The minimum gift to establish a Field of Interest Fund is $15,000. 

Scholarship Fund.png

Scholarship Fund

A Scholarship Fund can help local students achieve their educational goals and meet your charitable goals at the same time. Scholarship funds are customizable. You can honor a loved one, support students in a specific field or trade, graduates from your alma mater, or more. Or staff will work with you to determine your scholarship's guidelines ad explain how our scholarship program works.


The minimum gift to establish a Scholarship Fund is $20,000.

Acorn Fund.png

Acorn Fund

Don't have the amount needed to open one of the four endowed fund types described above? You can start small and work your way up with an Acorn Fund.   Open with at least $1,500 and you have five years to meet the required threshold for it to become a matured endowed fund type. Once the threshold is reached you can sit down with our staff to select a fund type based on your philanthropic interests.

While your Acorn Fund is growing, no fees will be charged for administrative services and all income from investment is added to your fund to facilitate its growth. 

Fee Schedule

Administrative fees are assessed on our endowed funds and on donations to our non-endowed funds.  These fees help us operate and work on behalf of our community. Click here for a complete fee schedule.

Sue Hartwick

Executive Director

Contact Sue to learn more about starting a fund.
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