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Our annual Classroom Teacher Wish grant program seeks to give small grants to local teachers to help them improve their classroom environment without dipping into their own pockets. 

Grant applications are:

  • Limited to requests for specific equipment, materials, supplies, or program that will enhance a classroom

  • For a maximum grant award of $500

  • Available from August 1st to September 15th each year by emailing and requesting an application

Notification of awards is made in late October.

To see if you and/or your project qualifies for a grant, read the full CTW Guidelines here.

2010 library remodel.jpg

Classroom Teacher
Wish Grant

Teacher Wish Grants

Amy Schuldt ReWrite boards
Kari Johnson - Wobble Stools (003)
Mrs. Johnson whiteboard table
Mrs. Rao’s class Rockwell
2018 Rockwell flexible seating (002)
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