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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.  - Ben Franklin

Our community has been blessed with generous donors who know how important education is and who wanted to make sure our young people--our greatest asset--could take advantage of the educational opportunities they have earned. 

Thanks to those donors, the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for students who live in Fort Atkinson and/or graduated from Fort Atkinson High School. Some scholarships have multiple recipients, and some are paid over a number of years.

In the 2023-24 fiscal year, the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation awarded 117 scholarships to 79 local students. Of those, 42 were graduating high school seniors enrolling in undergraduate or voc tech programs, 23 were continuing undergraduate students, 11 were graduate students, and 3 were returning voc tech students. The total amount awarded was $429,400.

To learn if you are eligible for any of our scholarships, please review the specific criteria for each scholarship. You can access a complete listing of all our available scholarships or search by whether you are a high school senior, considering a vocational or technical school, a college undergraduate, or a graduate student. 

Once you determine the scholarships for which you are eligible, go to To Apply on the scholarship drop down box and start the application process. Fort Scholarships, our online application site, is now closed. It will reopen in November 2024 to begin accepting scholarship applications for the 2025-26 school year.

For the purposes of our scholarships:

  • A Fort Atkinson High School graduate is defined as a person who has completed at least four consecutive semesters at Fort Atkinson High School, culminating in graduation from high school after the fourth semester.

  • A resident of the Fort Atkinson area is defined as someone having a Fort Atkinson mailing address or who resides in the Fort Atkinson School District.

  • All selections made by the various scholarship screening committees must be approved by the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation's Board of Directors.

  • Those awarded scholarships will receive a formal letter from the Community Foundation with details of how the scholarship will be paid and what the recipients need to do to receive the funds. 

  • All scholarships are paid directly to the school, college, or university the student is attending. Payments are generally made in the months of January and August.

  • Who can receive a scholarship through the Community Foundation?
    Our scholarships are generally limited to residents of Fort Atkinson and/or graduates of Fort Atkinson High School. Review the eligibility criteria for each scholarship to make sure you qualify.
  • How much funding do the scholarships provide?
    Individual scholarship awards vary, but most annual awards range in size from $1,000 - $6,000.
  • How are recipients of scholarships selected?
    Each scholarship fund has guidelines that establish the criteria for the selection committee. The Foundation supervises 16 different volunteer committees that review applications and make recipient recommendations to our Board for final approval.
  • How does a student apply for a scholarship?
    Students must apply online using our online application portal at Fort Scholarships. Go to our To Apply Page.
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