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Effective grant-making is at the heart of everything we do and is our most powerful tool for positively impacting our local community. 

The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation has four granting programs:

Community Grants

Our main granting program, local nonprofit organizations can fill out     applications which are considered at the Foundation's quarterly board meetings. 

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Designated Fund Grants

If the designated fund creator chose this option, the fund designee can apply for a grant from their fund. An application is required and is considered at the Foundation's quarterly board meeting. 

If the designated fund creator so chose, the fund will make a year-end distribution to the designee, based on our spending policy, now set at 4%

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Classroom Teacher Wish Grants

Local teachers can apply annually for a grant of up to $500 for specific equipment, materials, supplies, or program to help improve their classroom and enhance their classroom environment.


The application window is from August 1st to September 15th. All applications are considered by a committee of three retired teachers and their recommendation is considered at the Foundation's October Board meeting.  

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FACF offers 45 scholarship programs, consisting of 42 competitive scholarships and 3 earned scholarships. Students apply for the competitive scholarships at our online website, Fort Scholarships, which opens each year in early November. Application deadlines are either February 1st or April 1st.

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