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Why Give ?

There are a number of reasons to consider giving to the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, and many types of donations, besides cash, can be accepted, some of which might have useful tax advantages for you. In addition, there are a wide variety of funds to which interested parties can direct their contributions.


Tax Benefit:  The Community Foundation is a public charity under Federal Tax Law and tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your gift will qualify for maximum deductibility for income and estate tax purposes.


Perpetuity:  Unlike a gift or bequest to an organization that may or may not survive in the future, you can be assured that your gift to the foundation will continue now, and in future years, to provide the  benefits you intended for our community. You may add to a fund of your choice, or the General Fund, at any time through additional gifts.


Simplicity:  A gift to the Community Foundation could benefit a number of charitable organizations in our community.

Management:  Board members are volunteer community leaders, appointed by local organizations because of their concern for the community and knowledge of its needs.  Directors serve without pay and administrative costs are modest.  To see our administrative fee schedule, click here.


Security:   The Community Foundation’s assets are held in trust by its trustees, PremierBank and Badger Bank, which employ a responsible investment policy under the review and approval of the board.  The foundation’s Board of Directors is responsible for careful stewardship and for making the best use of each donation.


Public Accountability:   Public disclosure of grant activities and careful selection of board members assures continued use of the funds in the public interest.

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