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Teacher Wish grants program

The Teacher Wish grants program was started by the Foundation in 2019 to help School District of Fort Atkinson teachers improve their classroom beyond what tax dollars could support. We noticed that lots of teachers were resorting to online fundraisers for classroom materials and felt like we could help.

Since the program began, the Foundation has awarded just over $19,000 in Classroom Teacher Wish grants – all thanks to our donors. Everything from books and writing boards to flexible seating have been purchased thanks to these hard-working grants.

SDFA teachers make such an impact on our community and help us move towards ‘A Better Fort Atkinson’ every day in their classrooms. Offering these grants is just one way we are able to show our appreciation and gratitude.

If you are a teacher in the SDFA, or you know one, please share the information about this great program or go to to learn more!

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