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Rock River Community Clinic (RRCC)

The Rock River Community Clinic(RRCC) has been serving the underinsured and uninsured population in Jefferson County and surrounding areas for over 20 years. The local clinic was originally known as the Rock River Free Clinic, but in 2019 it merged with the Watertown Cares Clinic and the Community Dental Clinic, allowing them to align operations and transition to an integrated, community-based health care model (or Federally Qualified Health Center). RRCC’s overall mission and vision are to achieve the following:

1. Improve the quality and coordination of healthcare services

2. Increase community member access to healthcare services

3. Improve health outcomes for low-income residents

It is a mission that FAFC believes deeply in and we are so proud to have partnered with RRCC on several grants over the years to allow them to better serve our community. Grants we awarded have helped with the purchase of things like new Vatech digital x-ray sensors, dental X-ray plates, and new electronic medical record software that allows them to more safely gather, store, retrieve and share relevant patient information between their sites and other medical providers.

In FACF’s next 50 years, we hope to see improved health care access and outcomes for all, and we hope to continue the work towards that with our local health care partners.

If you are looking to support RRCC’s mission, or if biking is your thing, they also have a fundraiser this Saturday! To learn more visit Tour da Goose Bike Ride!

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