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Making Fort Special

FACF is dedicated to making ‘A Better Fort Atkinson’ - but we are not the only ones. Over the last 50 years we have had a lot of help from individuals and organizations who champion projects, lift our community up with positivity, and remind us what being a community is all about.

Biennially since 2017, after a great idea from former Foundation director Phil Niemeyer, FACF has been celebrating individuals in our community who have gone above and beyond for Fort Atkinson. People dedicated to ‘Making Fort Special’ and selflessly putting in the time and effort into doing what they can to make that a reality. Just by looking at the roster of past Making Fort Special award recipients, you know exactly the character of people we are talking about:

2017 – Joel Winn and Steve Mode

2019 – Jim Vance and Scott Lastusky

2021 – Chris Spangler, Rudy Bushcott and Michael Clish

In the next month we will be sharing our 2023 Making Fort Special recipients. And just like years past, we are indebted to these folks for helping us move towards ‘A Better Fort Atkinson’. So, stay tuned – we are so excited to celebrate these special City of Fort Atkinson, WI community members and the good work they do!

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