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School District of Fort Atkinson

One of FACF’s strongest community partnerships is with the School District of Fort Atkinson. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to bettering the future of Fort’s youth by helping support their teachers, upgrading district facilities, funding important programing, and sending them off to college with scholarships.

All four elementary school playgrounds have been funded in part by the Foundation. Our Teacher Wish Grant program helps dozens of district teachers each year pay for vital and classroom-changing materials. Fort Atkinson High School’s Tech Ed Dept. has been updated with new mills and lathes. We helped pilot school-based behavioral health counseling at Fort High School, which was picked up by the district, making a huge difference in students’ lives who need it. Fort Atkinson Middle School received new archery equipment, the Jones ProStart Kitchen at FAHS was built from scratch, and the FAHS auditorium has new sound boards. And this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what FACF grants have helped accomplish in our district - all thanks to our generous donors.

We are grateful to the teachers and administrators who champion these projects and chase grants to try and make School District of Fort Atkinson better, to make our children better. We are in their debt.

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