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Scholarship Committees

Ever wonder how FACF selects scholarship recipients? Each of our 41 competitive scholarship programs has specific guidelines outlining the composition of a committee that is asked to review applications and make recipient recommendations to our Board of Directors. Every year, our Scholarship Chairman groups the scholarships together where possible and recruits about 55 volunteers to serve on 16 different committees. We facilitate 13 of those committee meetings ourselves and we count on three outside committees – the AAUW-Wisconsin: Fort Atkinson Branch Scholarship Committee, the Fort Atkinson High School Committee, and the Russell Athletic Committee – to handle recommendations for eight of our scholarships.

Over the past 50 years, we have relied on hundreds of community volunteers to serve on our scholarship recipient recommendation committees. They are thoughtful and diligent reviewers who work hard to assess applications and make recommendations. We are grateful to all of them – and to all the donor families who have established scholarship funds at the Foundation.

Reminder - Most of our voc tech scholarships and those scholarships open to continuing undergraduate and graduate students have an April 1st application deadline so there is still plenty of time to apply in 2023. Just go to the Community Foundation's website,, and get started!

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