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Fort Atkinson Beautification Council

Here at FACF we love moving towards ‘A Better Fort Atkinson’ - it’s extra special when that also means a more beautiful Fort. And the Beautification Council of Fort Atkinson has done more than their fair share of beautifying our community.

Projects like the historic mural on our Water Department building, the Fort Atkinson Generals mural on the water reservoir at Jones Park, fundraising all the matching money for the Fort Tree Fund that led to over 500 new trees being planted in our city, landscaping along the Riverwalk, and the barn quilt adorning the Fort Atkinson Senior Center – all were thanks to the Beautification Council and their hard-working volunteers.

They also have some new projects on the horizon. Starting this weekend, you may see some cows appearing at various locations around Fort Atkinson. This ‘Cow Parade,’ featuring seven cows representing the seven dairy breeds, celebrates our community’s significant dairy heritage. How fun! Watch the spaces around the Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce, Frostie Freeze - Fort Atkinson , FCCU , W.D. Hoard & Sons, Jones Dairy Farm, Nasco Education, and Subway.

The Beautification Council is always looking for new ideas to uplift our community – if you’d like to join them, they meet the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Dwight Foster Public Library (Fort Atkinson). Next meeting is Nov. 8th. Thank you to all the beautiful people at the Beautification Council.

If you’d like to learn more about their upcoming Cow Parade or to get involved visit

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