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244 North Main Street

244 North Main Street has been home base for FACF since 1994 when the Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Com purchased and remodeled the building with help from the City of Fort Atkinson, WI-Government, Chamber members who donated to the cause, and a $75,000 matching grant from the Foundation – a real team effort that then Chamber Executive Vice President Dianne Hrobsky called “A successful project that didn’t happen by accident as we are a city recognized by surrounding communities for working together to make good things happen.”

And work together we have! The Foundation and the Chamber have worked on many projects over the years, but more specifically, side by side due to our offices being housed in the same building. This sometimes creates confusion between the Foundation and the Chamber, who have been our generous landlords and roommates - but we are indeed two totally separate entities.

This corner on the North side of Main Street has also been the location of several other businesses – prior to the Chamber building, it was the First Federal Savings Bank. And between 1932 and 1975 it was five different gas and service stations – Wadham’s Service Station, Heinz Mobil Gas Service Station, Punzel’s Service Station, Al’s Mobil Service, and North Side Mobil Service. We called our friends over at the Hoard Historical Museum to find a photo of one of the old service stations but had no luck. If you have a photo of one of these businesses, we would love to see it!

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