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1973 was a big year!

The Watergate hearings began. 110-story Sears Tower opened in Chicago. Dawn, Jim Croce, and Marvin Gaye were taking over the airwaves. Fort Atkinson's own Howard "Whitey" Woodin was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. The Robert Street Bridge (last model) welcomed traffic across for the first time. And the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation was established on July 5th, when the organization's Declaration of Trust was signed by officials at First National Bank (now known as PremierBank).

50 years of philanthropy in City of Fort Atkinson, WI is something worthy of celebrating, and we welcome you to join us over the next year in sharing stories and facts about what the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation is, what FACF has accomplished in 50 years, who helped us along the way, and our vision for a better Fort Atkinson!

What's your best memory from 1973?

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